Monday, March 24, 2014

When short stories get away

Hey everyone!

No short story this week. Why? Well, something happened with the little short I started writing a couple weeks ago's not so short anymore.

I've got 1 short (that is still short!) I'm hoping to sell (fingers crossed! CROSS ALL YOUR FINGERS NOW) and started another 'short' for 'fun.'

Then the weirdest thing happened. The plot in my head, which was relatively well formed when I began writing the story, kept going. It's exciting and fun! The story is a great bit bigger than I thought it would be initially and continues to chug along. The characters are nearing the final conflict and resolution in the current draft and I'm excited for them (I hope they live!) and excited for the prospects of what this may mean. I may be able to write things longer than shorts.

One of my big snags is finding feedback. It's been tricky to get people's thoughts on my short stories, friends are often busy and I feel bad about bothering them to read my stuff. Family is just...ill equipped to offer constructive criticism. The blog here, while it shows me some people are reading my works, has proven poor in the feedback department. It's hard to progress in a vacuum (we're not talking science here, this is metaphorical). So as I write this much much longer story I may tempt the idea of previewing part of it here on the blog if I finish it and if I chose to do something with it beyond letting it fart around on my computer's hard drive.

It's exciting to write like this and it makes me glad friends helped nudge me back to writing in the first place. Through writing we can bring new characters and worlds to life, travel to distant lands, and do amazing things. It is awesome! :D


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Audio Blog

Hey guys! My hope is to have an audio version of one or more of my short stories from here as well as begin posting new short stories I've been writing over the winter soon!

If you've got a Deviantart Account and want to vote on which story gets adapted into an Audio version first feel free to go here: and vote!

If you don't have a DA page, feel free to voice your vote in the comments on here!

You're current choices are:

All the Best Mistakes
Nella Breg Olm (Aka Halloween)
Department of Malevolent Magic Prevention

I've been madly at work on comics as well as writing shorts to pitch to publishers. Let's hope for some good news on that end soon. :D And by that I mean things look positive! :D Hooray!

All audio stuff will be recorded by myself, likely reading and doing voices.

Let me know what you think!
-Sarah "Neila" Elkins