Monday, January 22, 2018

Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds

The following is a short I just wrote as part of Chuck Wendig's Flash Fiction Challenge for this month. Gonna dust off this blog and try to post things on it more in 2018. I will also include some posts at a later date promoting my books because, oh yeah, I write those and they are being published.

The above link is to the blog post by Chuck Wendig that has the story prompt in it!

Also, this short makes me want to pick up another story I was working on before my arm problems got bad and then during my arm problems etc. Also Rig Farrow is an older character of mine who I constantly look for a place for. She may turn up in a vastly different book or something in the future I don't know. I hope you enjoy this short!


 Private Party

"It hurts you know? But then, many things do. This is just...not quite the sort of pain I expected. I guess I was expecting something a little more normal and a little less..."
"World crushing?" I offer.
She nods before gazing back at the photos and files I handed her an hour ago, "Yeah. That works."
The woman, Nancy, hired me to check on her business partner, Benny. She was worried the man had crossed someone or owed someone money since Ben had gotten evasive recently. What I discovered while tailing him was...unexpected to say the least. I mean, I figured he was having an affair, either with her wife or with someone else's husband. That's the sort of thing one would expect when someone starts missing meetings or showing up in clothes they slept in.
What I found was...frankly? Weird.
Nancy stares at the files with her mouth open. She is careful to peep at the photos before slipping them back under the write up.
"I don't understand why he didn't trust me with this," she finally says.
"Maybe, because it's so personal?"
"Personal?" She winces as if stung. Nancy shakes her head, "I just, don't know when he could have started doing this. Why? Was the business not exciting enough for him? I don't get it."
I sip my coffee before I speak. "My investigation leads me to believe he was doing this well before he partnered with you to start your company."
"But why didn't he tell me, then?"
"I thought that would be obvious. What he's been doing is very dangerous. The fewer people who know the better. I'm sure he withheld the information from you to protect you and your wife."
She doesn't seem to follow, or at least doesn't accept that as she shakes her head again then stabs a finger at the papers on the table before her. "You're telling me he didn't tell me to protect me? What about the business? What am I supposed to do if he winds up dead in an alley somewhere?"
I sigh, "What anyone does when their business partner winds up dead in an alley."
Nancy scoffs at me, "This is no joke. How could you say that?"
I polish off the last of my coffee but continue to keep my hand on my cup as if it still holds some warmth. I shouldn't have given her the real information. I should have just lied to my client. Told her Benny's dad was sick or something. But if I had done that she probably would have hired someone else to follow her business partner around and that someone else may not have had the skill set I do that kept me from dying in an alley.
"Ma'am," I finally begin. "What you do with this information is up to you. I would suggest that you do nothing." She tries to interject but I cut her off and keep talking. "What your partner is doing is something he's done for a long time. Someone doesn't just start doing that sort of thing as a mid-life crisis. He had to feel strongly enough to partner with you for your bakery to do that and what he was already doing. It's not your place to tell him to stop."
"But it's impacting the business," she objects.
"Is it?" I ask. "As I understood it reading over your business agreement he financed the bakery. Helped you secure a loan and what not. He checks in regularly and sits on meetings. He has been late and disheveled to a few, yes. BUT I couldn't find any evidence that what he's been doing has negatively impacted anyone. If anything he's made a positive impac-"
"No." Nancy cuts my words in half before she gathers up the files and shoves them into her purse. "No," she shakes her head. "He needs to know when the party's over."
I get up from my seat, "What? No. No, no no. There is no 'party' to be over here. He doesn't do it just because it's fun. It's incredibly important."
She shakes her head before pushing past me, "No."
I stand for a moment and watch her leave the coffee shop before I return to my seat with a sigh. I may have just made a huge mistake, but at least I can do one worse. I pull out my cell phone and type in the number of the man who's life I just laid bare. After it rings several times he answers. His voice is strained as he tries to catch his breath.
"Now is a bad time," he says.
"I know," I reply.
"Who is this?"
"This is Rig Farrow. I'm a private eye. Nancy hired me to look into you," I bite my lip and shake my head. "I'm sorry."
"She knows everything," I say.
I hear a noise over the phone like a tree cracking in half, which may be just that considering what the man does in his spare time. There's some shuffling. Distant shouts and a roar. After a few moments he's back on the line.
"Who else knows?"
"Just Nancy," I say. "Honestly, I thought she'd take it better but she's pissed. Thinks you're betraying the bakery with...your uh other...job."
"Did'ja tell her I've been doing this for years?"
"Of course, I'm pretty thorough."
He lets out a huff I'm not sure is of amusement or exertion before he speaks again, "You've really been following me?"
"Yes," I say.
"And I didn't notice you?"
"It didn't seem like you did, no."
"Huh," he takes in a breath. "How much do you run?"
"Excuse me?"
"How much do you run? To hire you?"
"Uh, about fifty an hour."
"That cheap?"
"It's average."
"If you were able to spy on me you're certainly not 'average' anything. How'd you like to be my sidekick?"
A distant booming voice growls over the phone, "Don't think you've won, Captain Megaton!"

Monday, August 4, 2014

Writing Patreon!

Remember that eBook of Short Stories I rambled on about putting together? I'm still working on it.

I hit some snags along the way. What kind of snags? I got Tennis Elbow from working on comics.

Whoa. Really? That sucks.

It does. Not merely because it means I had to take time off from working on comics as much as I had been, but because comics has been the only way I've been bringing any money in to pay the utility bills.

Whoa. That really sucks.

It does.

You may be wondering what this means for the writing blog which has stagnated here. Well. I have still been writing. I even have a whole rough draft of a novel down, thanks to my Tennis Elbow. I wrote a lot of it with my left hand while I was trying to refrain from going insane from not being able to work on comics.

Here's where you can help and how you can read more of my short stories. I've started a Patreon for them:
All The Best Mistakes Short Stories Patreon

You can donate a little each month, as low as $1, to read the short stories I've been writing that I haven't been posting! If the project raises a lot I'll begin releasing portions of that Novel (which is some 245pgs long) for you to read!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will thin of supporting my project!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders Comic

Some of you may know that my main 'gig' is as a Freelance Comic Artist. Writing is something I'm working to pursue more but comics and comics accessories pay the bills.

They're also one reason I haven't been updating this with enough short stories beyond my wanting to save some for the eventual ebook!

I wanted to announce that Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders, a comic I wrote, drew, and self published (with the help of awesome people who donated on IndieGoGo! Love you guys!) is now available for purchase on my online store:

If you like weird fun parody comics full of ravenous Sharkponies and Burly men who've been transformed into Magical Girls please check it out! Money from it goes to support my terrible habit of continuing to live.

By the way the story I mentioned in the last update has passed the 90 page mark and is on it's way to being a full Novella.

I still hope to dig some time out from under my fingernails and get some more flash-fiction shorts posted on here this summer!

Thank you for reading!
- Sarah "Neila" Elkins

Monday, March 24, 2014

When short stories get away

Hey everyone!

No short story this week. Why? Well, something happened with the little short I started writing a couple weeks ago's not so short anymore.

I've got 1 short (that is still short!) I'm hoping to sell (fingers crossed! CROSS ALL YOUR FINGERS NOW) and started another 'short' for 'fun.'

Then the weirdest thing happened. The plot in my head, which was relatively well formed when I began writing the story, kept going. It's exciting and fun! The story is a great bit bigger than I thought it would be initially and continues to chug along. The characters are nearing the final conflict and resolution in the current draft and I'm excited for them (I hope they live!) and excited for the prospects of what this may mean. I may be able to write things longer than shorts.

One of my big snags is finding feedback. It's been tricky to get people's thoughts on my short stories, friends are often busy and I feel bad about bothering them to read my stuff. Family is just...ill equipped to offer constructive criticism. The blog here, while it shows me some people are reading my works, has proven poor in the feedback department. It's hard to progress in a vacuum (we're not talking science here, this is metaphorical). So as I write this much much longer story I may tempt the idea of previewing part of it here on the blog if I finish it and if I chose to do something with it beyond letting it fart around on my computer's hard drive.

It's exciting to write like this and it makes me glad friends helped nudge me back to writing in the first place. Through writing we can bring new characters and worlds to life, travel to distant lands, and do amazing things. It is awesome! :D


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Audio Blog

Hey guys! My hope is to have an audio version of one or more of my short stories from here as well as begin posting new short stories I've been writing over the winter soon!

If you've got a Deviantart Account and want to vote on which story gets adapted into an Audio version first feel free to go here: and vote!

If you don't have a DA page, feel free to voice your vote in the comments on here!

You're current choices are:

All the Best Mistakes
Nella Breg Olm (Aka Halloween)
Department of Malevolent Magic Prevention

I've been madly at work on comics as well as writing shorts to pitch to publishers. Let's hope for some good news on that end soon. :D And by that I mean things look positive! :D Hooray!

All audio stuff will be recorded by myself, likely reading and doing voices.

Let me know what you think!
-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Dreaded Hiatus

This time of year is one of the busiest and most stressful. I've come to realize I need to take some time to scale back, even if it's just temporarily, to focus on work and family.

It kills me to put the blog on hold, but it is something I feel I must do until I can get a handle on things.

Friends tell me I'm stretched too thin. I focus on too many things.

I have to. I can't help it. There's so much I want to do. So many stories I want to tell, in any way I can.

My hope is, that by January I'll have more short stories to post here. Things are just not stable enough at the moment for me to finish writing anything. I've got several stories started, just...not finished.

Many, many, many opportunities fell through this year. It's been month to month for as long as I can remember. Glimmers of hope for stability fade or are obscured by the darkness of stress and tension.

I need time.
Thank you for reading so far and please keep an eye out for more in 2014. I still hope of putting together a book of short stories next year. Perhaps, if such a book is successful it might bring in some much needed funds so that I won't feel guilty when I try to relax or rest.

They say "Sleep is for the weak" but all things weaken under the stress of a million hits. Bones grow stronger from repeated strikes, but only if they are allowed time to mend.

Thank you again for reading.

Friday, November 15, 2013


This week's post will be late! Terribly sorry! I scored some flatting work and am still working on the comic with Amelius that I have been working on the past year as well as whipping Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders into shape so Time was something I've fallen short on this week.

I hope to have an update ready by Monday, but at my current rate of being late with everything I plan this week it may be Wedensday next week. :s

Terribly sorry!
Thank you for reading/tuning in!