Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Experiment that may prove to be a mistake


If you've stumbled across this blog then you have found where I intend to serialize some prose short stories as I work on them.

What? Crazy you say? You may be right.

Why post serialized prose, much less short stories online? Well, the answer is simple. To learn. Practice.

I learned how to make comics by making a webcomic, posting pages to it, learning what worked and what didn't by engaging with readers with something that I didn't mind being rough because it was a learning tool. I made contact with other artists and through them learned things about how to create comics I could not have learned from books. So, with a rudimentary traditional education on Creative Writing and the English Language under my belt I am now setting out to learn that which can not easily be taught: how to do something well.

Feel free to give feedback on any writing I post here. Be brutally honest. Do try to point out things you like as well as things that don't work. Doing so generally helps anyone feel like you have real insight into what they're doing and that you do not hold a personal vendetta against them...not that I'd think any of you would have a vendetta against me! Ha. Ha.


Keep an eye on this blog in the future and I WILL be posting some prose short stories of different genres and lengths on here.

What genres? Well. As this is a learning tool the genres will be whatever I feel like writing at the time. Sometimes two or three traditional genres smashed together to make some new horrid amalgamation of despair and supposed literature...I mean...well...exactly what I said.

Some short stories may be longer than others and could be broken up into more than one post. We will see.
First short story will go up September 2nd! What it will be shall be a surprise for both you and I!